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Are you accepting new clients? How do I schedule an appointment?

I am!


The "Schedule Online" buttons on each page of this site will take you to my scheduling platform through Simple Practice. Feel free to submit an appointment request on there or to contact me directly to discuss next steps!

Do you offer telehealth appointments? 

I do - I also offer in-person services out of my office.

What will it be like to get started?

I know that beginning therapy - including just starting with a new therapist - can feel nerve-racking, unpredictable, and vulnerable. I experienced this when I started with my own therapist, as well. 

My priority is our connection. I want you to feel emotionally safe coming exactly as you are, knowing that I will meet you wherever that may be without judgement or expectations. We will start by establishing rapport and chemistry, reviewing relevant history, and exploring what brings you to schedule an initial appointment with me.


That initial session will also be important in assuring that we are a good fit, as your time and money will not be under-valued! 

Do you accept insurance?

I am currently an out-of-network provider. I am able to provide superbills, which can be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement. 

In what areas do you specialize?

I primarily work with older adolescents and adults, ages ranging 16-adulthood. I have specific training and licensure to work with individuals struggling with substance use and other addictions and trauma. I also specialize in working with individuals with anxiety, mood disturbance, identity formation and exploration (identifying myself as an LGBTQ+ ally), interpersonal struggle, and behavioral concerns involving maladaptive coping strategies.

What is your approach?

I like to view my style as adaptive, customizable, and client-centered. To me, this means that I will not bring a cookie-cutter-approach to our sessions. Rather, I will personalize our sessions to address what is going on for you, adjusting and asking for your feedback as we go.


Some treatment modalities I integrate that may sound familiar to you include ACT, CBT, and EMDR. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about my approach!

What are your rates?

My out-of-pocket fee structure is as follows:

  • Phone consult (15 min) - no charge

  • Initial Intake (60 min) - $150

  • Psychotherapy (6o min) - $150  

What is your opinion on using insurance vs. paying out-of-pocket?

Using health insurance can often undermine autonomy in your therapeutic process. By utilizing insurance as payment, I will be required to document a formal mental health diagnosis as a target for your treatment, as well as specific, "textbook" treatments being used.


In practice, I choose not to utilize this pathological lens, as I feel that it places complex humans and their often-messy experiences in boxes, rather than viewing you as, well, uniquely you. Similarly, the requirement of specific treatment approaches undermines the client-centered, personalized, and customized approach that I feel each client deserves to receive in the context of therapy. 

How often are sessions?

This is largely up to you! I will at least recommend an initial frequency of 1x/week as we get to know one another and establish care. 

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