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About Monarch Psychotherapy, LLC

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Addiction Counselor. My educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's of Social Work from Tulane University in New Orleans. I have since completed advanced education and training to specialize in addiction work. I am also EMDR Trained, specializing in trauma work as well. This past year, I stepped away from my work in higher levels of care and fully into the private practice realm to focus on fostering deeper connections with each individual I work with.


I specialize in working with adult individuals who are seeking support in healing from trauma, anxiety, mood disturbance, identity formation and exploration, interpersonal struggle, and behavioral concerns involving maladaptive coping strategies (specializing in addictions).

My approach is adaptive and client-centered, with evidence-based foundations in ACT, EMDR, Mindfulness-Based CBT, and parts work, oriented by psychodynamic, systems, and attachment theories. If you have any questions about my experience or approaches, please do not hesitate to ask!

I so look forward to being a witness to your growth and healing. 



Cameron Bell, LCSW, LAC

“Inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar—unable to move—dissolves into organic goop.

Cells, which had been dormant in the caterpillar and which biologists have the poetic genius to call “Imaginal cells,” begin a process of creating a new form and structure.

At first these Imaginal cells—the seeds of future potential, which contain the blueprint of a flying creature—operate independently as single-cell organisms. They are regarded as threats and are attacked by the caterpillar’s immune system.

But they persist, multiply, and connect with each other. The Imaginal cells form clusters and clumps, begin resonating at the same frequency and passing information back and forth until they hit a tipping point.


They begin acting not as discrete individual cells but as a multi-cell organism—and a butterfly is born.”

Rob Evans & Carolyn Buck Luce

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